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A Briefing on the 8th Beijing Xiangshan Forum for Defense Attaches Held in Beijing

Source:Beijing Xiangshan Forum Secretariat   Date:2018-08-30 00:00:00   Num:8687

In the morning of August 16, 2018, a briefing on the 8th Beijing Xiangshan Forum was held for Defense Attaches in Beijing. The briefing was chaired by Colonel Ye Xing, Deputy Director-General of the General Planning Bureau of the Office for International Military Cooperation, Central Military Commission (CMC). Other leaders present at the briefing are Major General Pi Mingyong, Vice President of the Academy of Military Sciences (AMS) and Secretary-General of the 8th Beijing Xiangshan Forum, Mr. Gong Xianfu, Vice Chairman of the China Institute for International Strategic Studies (CIISS) and Vice Secretary-General of the 8th Beijing Xiangshan Forum, Major General Xu Tianhao, Deputy Director of the Research Department of AMS and Vice Secretary-General of the 8th Beijing Xiangshan Forum. Defense Attaches from more than 30 countries and representatives of relevant international organizations participated in the briefing.

In the briefing, the participants are told that, Beijing Xiangshan Forum, as a track 1.5 high-end platform for defense and security dialogue, follows the concept of “Openness, Inclusiveness, Mutual Learning and Cooperation”, is committed to pooling wisdom, expanding consensus, enhancing mutual trust, promoting dialogue exchange and cooperation with defense and military of all countries, international organizations and experts of think tanks, thus actively contributing to regional security and stability, and world peace and development.

This year’s Forum is scheduled to be held from 24 to 26 October in Beijing and is planned to invite delegates from different countries, international organizations, and renowned experts and scholars from all over the world. The agenda for the Forum includes an opening ceremony, plenary sessions, simultaneous special sessions and young officers and scholars seminar, etc.

It’s desired that, after the briefing, defense attaches and representatives of international organizations could make best use of their own advantages and let more people know about the Forum, actively assist the invitation work of delegates from respective countries and joint handedly make Beijing Xiangshan Forum a high-level and high-quality event.


▲Major General Pi Mingyong introduces the general arrangement of the 8th Beijing Xiangshan Forum.


▲Mr. Gong Xianfu introduces the basic consideration for inviting official delegates.

▲Colonel Ye Xing chairs the briefing.

▲ Defense Attaches participate in the briefing.

 A defense attaché asks a question.

▲A working staff discusses with the defense attaches.