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Host Speech by Gen. CAI Yingting, Chairman of China Association for Military Science

Source:Beijing Xiangshan Forum Secretariat   Date:2016-10-10 00:00:00   Num:8268

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, friends,

Good evening! I am Cai Yingting, President of the PLA Academy of Military Science, and Chairman of China Association for Military Science. I am pleased to host the welcome dinner of the 7th Xiangshan Forum.

First of all, I would like to extend our sincere welcome to all the guests here.

According to the agenda of this evening, first we would invite Admiral Sun Jianguo, deputy chief of joint staff department under central military commission, PRC, to address us; and then invite general ZULKIFELI, chief of defence forces of Malaysia, to deliver a speech.

Now let us welcome Admiral Sun Jianguo.


Thank you, Admiral Sun Jianguo, for your wonderful speech.

Now let us invite general ZULKIFELI to give us a speech. General ZULKIFELI is an old friend of

Xiangshan Forum. He has been engaged in military leadership for long time, and is very experienced in regional security cooperation and defense communication, and he has insightful understanding of regional and international security issues. Now please join me with a warm applause to welcome General ZULKIFELI.


Thank you, General ZULKIFELI, for your wonderful speech, full of wisdom, emotion and friendship. Very impressive.

Ladies and gentlemen, friends, the ancient Chinese poet Bai Juyi said in his poem, “The best memory of South China is the memory of Hang Zhou”. At the G20 summit last month, leaders of many countries described their vision of building an innovative, energetic, linked and tolerant world economy, and they all agree that maintaining world peace is crucial in boosting global economic growth. Hang Zhou impressed the world through the summit. Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty said in his poem, “Seeing Xiangshan for the first time feels like meeting an old friend.” All the distinguished guests come from afar to gather here in Beijing, for dialogue and cooperation, for regional stability and world peace. As the host of this forum, we would spare no efforts to make you feel like meeting old friends at Xiangshan. I believe, with our joint efforts, Xiangshan forum will make its contribution to the building

of new model of international relations based on cooperation and win-win, streamlining the structure of global governance, and building a community with common destiny.

Now I want to propose a toast, for the cooperation and friendship of defense sectors, military and think tanks from different countries, for the success of the 7th Xiangshan Forum, and for the health of all the guests! Cheers!